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From historical times, the sustenance of any business has relied on the proper forms of marketing that culminate in sales of products and services. In its very simplified form marketing refers to sales promotion that helps to increase profit by increasing the volume of sales through public awareness. Thus, at the turn of the century with the appearance of a globalized market, a globalized way of marketing too was born. 
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The term internet market refers to the process of advertisement and promotion of products and services through the internet and various other websites. Internet marketing has grown in a short span mainly due to the number of users that have increased who browse the web yet marketing has scratched only the surface of this gold mine.

Marketing of the new world

According to Tanner Vaughn, Marketing is the promotion of a brand name of a business organization through the available means of communication that spreads the awareness of the availability of a particular product or service by portraying its uses and advantages to the public, boosting sales in volumes and earning a mass profit. 

The market that we know now today vastly differs from that of the previous decade by an enormous margin. This has happened mainly due to the leaps in our current technology that took place within a span of short twenty years. 
The advances made regarding Information Technology and communication is both amazing and confounding. The advancement of technology that happened at a rate of once per five years now occurs in mere months making relatively new technology obsolete within years. As Tanner Vaughn duly noted, the pace of our current technological advancement outpaces our ability to adapt to a new one within the given time invariably making us slaves to technology, and this is why more and more people are joining the internet to adjust to this new pace of life.

The scope of internet marketing

It can be said that the internet is the future of the present. This is apparent from the trend that we see in the young generation who rush into the throngs of virtual social life as soon as they can. This, in turn, creates a lucrative market that defies boundaries that were traditionally separated by distance. This creates a tremendous opportunity not only for large-scale industry but also local proprietors who can now utilize this vast marketplace for promoting their products and sales.
With the advent of the new century and the modernization of technology, business organizations and industries also sought to use this opportunity to further their bulk profits. The techniques in modern internet marketing are many. It involves the use of web page advertisement with links to the sellers' page, email marketing which deals with individual customers as a way of promotion and feedback, social media sites which is used to popularize a product causing a boost in sales and demand and many other such forms. Therefore the advantages of Internet Marketing in today's world cannot be denied. It is the most popular tool for any industry which depends heavily on the success of its sales of the product.
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